Monthly Archives: August 2013


Six months isn’t such a long time, but I still want to wrap things up nice and clean before leaving.

My dog, Cosmo, needs to go somewhere. That’s already agreed upon; my parents will take care of him. Considering they have a large backyard out there in the countryside and the low threshold for handing out treats I think he’ll enjoy his stay quite a lot. We’ll see when I return if he even wants to come back home.

Two big things I need to take care of: renting the apartment and getting rid of the car. The apartment shouldn’t cause any problems, even though the time period is restricted and that I intend to rent it furnished. Just need to clean up the place first, take some proper photos and start scribbling on the ad.

Having a car is something I’ve thought about a lot during the last year or so. There are times when I appreciate the freedom it offers, but most of the time it just stands unused in the garage. Owning a car is no investment, I’m paying a small fortune in insurance costs, taxes, gas and for service & maintenance. Besides, public transit works quite well in Helsinki which is why I use it a lot.┬áSo what I think I’ll do is sell the car. Not just because of this trip, but also as a lifestyle choice. In the situations where I absolutely need a personal method of transportation I’ll hire one. Also, when I get back I’ll buy a good bicycle.

Other than that there are the regular preparations: vaccines, visa, travel insurance, accessories and what-not. Small stuff, no problemo.

Why Go?

It’s funny: for someone who loves seeing the world as much as I do, I didn’t get into the whole travelling thing until my mid-twenties. A late bloomer in that way.

The world that revealed itself then, journey by journey, was more than I had anticipated. The scenery, culture, food, scents and people. Simply wonderful – a rewarding universe outside the bubble of everyday monotony. Truly something that gives more depth to existence.

But even though the short and safe trips abroad did increase my appetite for seeing the world, I was still quite happy where I was regularly: in my comfort zone. Never did the thought occur to me that I would move abroad for any period of time, much less to such an exotic location as India.

I am simply not a guy who would do such a thing.

Or, was.

Things change, people change, and suddenly you find yourself at a crossroad you didn’t know was coming up. And you say “fuck it, let’s make things interesting”.

So now I’m looking at a six month stay in India, starting October 2013. A huge leap out of the familiar comfort zone.

Some might wonder: Why go?

The answer, my heart filled with certainty and my mind with curiosity, is simple: I believe a part of my destiny lies in that place. A piece of my very own puzzle.

The nature and shape of this missing fragment is unknown, but I do know it is essential. A necessary step on my way to realizing my full potential. It is a path I must walk, deviating from it would only result in personal loss.

And, after all, self-knowledge increases with motion; either by going into yourself or out into the world. Staying still leads only to stagnation.

This alone makes it a worthy quest. So I go.