Daily Archives: October 1, 2013

Walk The Walk

Leaving familiar places for the last time in a long while always has that feeling of weirdness around it. It is not entirely unlike leaving for a vacation, but there is something a bit gloomy overshadowing it. Maybe it’s the whole business of saying farewell, knowing that there will be distance in both time and space until you see again.

Exiting that scenery, which has become so familiar it’s mundane, gives a strange feeling. As you pass places you’ve seen countless times before, you kind of slow down a bit, savor it. Try a little harder to get it to stick in your mind, for those moments when you’ll miss it all.

With everything packed and ready, sitting at the gate, waiting for the flight to Istanbul to start boarding, what am I feeling? A tingling sensation. Excitement. The big unknown. Scary in its ways, but not sinister. The last few weeks I’ve been waiting for the big crash, the big realization of what I’m heading into, and the unwelcome feeling of it being too much. But it isn’t. That feeling hasn’t come. And since I managed to say goodbye to family and friends, drop my bag and go through security check without collapsing into a fetal position, I think it’s somewhat safe to say it won’t.

So, after talking the talk, it’s now time for me to walk the walk. I’ll see you on the other side.