Daily Archives: October 9, 2013

Seven Days


The everyday life in Pune is slowly starting to take shape. First impressions are evolving into a more grounded acknowledgement of the nature of things here.┬áThe colors are still vivid, the food is still delicious and the scenery still exotic – but there are more nuances now. Details, differences, observations. Much like someone who has never seen snow gradually comes to realize that there indeed are different types of snow.

I like it here, and getting settled has been much easier than I anticipated, mostly thanks to Sajjad and Bhushan. They’re fun company and have the patience to explain things to me.

Also, now that we’ve set up shop a routine is beginning to form, and I am reminded that I’m not here on holiday – I’m here to work, to make stuff happen. With that comes also the much anticipated realization that this is not a regular two-week vacation – I’ll actually be here for quite some time.

As the initial excitement fades into a more thought-out approach to all that is foreign, I also ease up a bit, let my guard down. This gives room for other feelings to arise. And with that something bubbled up today from the abyss.

It was not a longing for home. It was not fear. But it was an uneasy something. A hint of doubt perhaps, seeping through a crack in the facade of self-confidence. It was a wave that I did not invite to stay, so I let it wash away, retreat back to that unseen horizon.

The compass needle shivered but settled on the same direction as before. So, to the sound of my playlist, I add an entry of that temporary feeling in my journal, brush it off as a case of the jitters and continue on the path I set forth upon.