Daily Archives: October 25, 2013

Simple Observations

A periodically updated list of miscellaneous observations of the life in India.

  • There are cows walking around, among pedestrians and traffic.
  • Where there is traffic, there is constant honking.
  • Traffic does not stop for pedestrians.
  • Traffic does, however, stop for cows.
  • Traffic is left-hand. This also concerns passing each other when meeting, for example in a corridor – keep left for minimum awkwardness.
  • There are a lot of street dogs, but they are generally friendly.
  • Street dogs have adapted and are quite aware of the hectic traffic here. However many of them walk with a limp, indicating a lesson learned the hard way.
  • Good friends of the same sex can walk hand-in-hand without it being regarded as homosexual.
  • Heaters are called “geezers”. I have a water geezer in my bathroom.
  • Drinking alcohol is not widely accepted here. There are even some national holidays which are so called dry days, when no alcohol is officially served anywhere.
  • When trying to find specific locations, trust locals more than google maps. But do ask at least three locals, go with the directions that several agree on.
  • In Mumbai the cabs mostly go by meters, everywhere else you usually have to negotiate a fare.
  • Here, where much if not most of the food is eaten using your hands, they prefer to eat pizza using a knife and fork