Daily Archives: October 31, 2013

Festive Clothing For Diwali

In preparation for the Diwali festival the building our office is located in decided to have a “traditional day”, which means everyone should wear traditional Indian clothing. Everyone.

Before leaving Finland someone said to me: Don’t buy local ethnic clothing, it’ll be just plain wrong and you’ll end up looking ridiculous.

But hey, it’s a festival so I’m ignoring this advice this time, and even though this¬†might go down as “white guy tries to blend in”-day, I went and did some shopping. And since anything that is worth doing, is worth doing right, I got the whole outfit.

So here you go: a long Kurta¬†with pants* and a Dupatta scarf. Now where’s the party?


* – The pants have an exotic design that is not seen when the Kurta is on; when going up towards the waist they widen considerably. And I mean “this could fit two adults”-considerably. When worn they look like harem pants, not unlike the ones MC Hammer used. I tried doing the hammertime but unfortunately there is no documentation to show of that, nor will there be.