Monthly Archives: October 2013

Simple Observations

A periodically updated list of miscellaneous observations of the life in India.

  • There are cows walking around, among pedestrians and traffic.
  • Where there is traffic, there is constant honking.
  • Traffic does not stop for pedestrians.
  • Traffic does, however, stop for cows.
  • Traffic is left-hand. This also concerns passing each other when meeting, for example in a corridor – keep left for minimum awkwardness.
  • There are a lot of street dogs, but they are generally friendly.
  • Street dogs have adapted and are quite aware of the hectic traffic here. However many of them walk with a limp, indicating a lesson learned the hard way.
  • Good friends of the same sex can walk hand-in-hand without it being regarded as homosexual.
  • Heaters are called “geezers”. I have a water geezer in my bathroom.
  • Drinking alcohol is not widely accepted here. There are even some national holidays which are so called dry days, when no alcohol is officially served anywhere.
  • When trying to find specific locations, trust locals more than google maps. But do ask at least three locals, go with the directions that several agree on.
  • In Mumbai the cabs mostly go by meters, everywhere else you usually have to negotiate a fare.
  • Here, where much if not most of the food is eaten using your hands, they prefer to eat pizza using a knife and fork

The Cost Of Stuff

A periodically updated list of what stuff costs around these parts:

  • Bottle of water, small 10 Rs   0.12 €
  • Laundry (per item) 10 Rs   0.12 €
  • Breakfast 30 – 50 Rs   0.36 – 0.60 €
  • Tailor a shirt 70 Rs   0.82 €
  • Lunch 90 – 200 Rs   1.08 – 2.40 €
  • Old Monk dark rum (375 ml) 200 Rs   2.40 €
  • Dinner 120 – 350 Rs   1.45 – 4.20 €
  • Auto rickshaw downtown 120 – 250 Rs  1.45 – 3.00 €
  • Marc & Spencer pants (tailored) 1 800 Rs   22 €
  • Dress shirt (brand) 1 800 Rs   22 €
  • Good shoes 2 000 Rs   24 €
  • Custom tailored shirt 2 000 Rs   24 €
  • Converse sneakers 2 500 Rs   30 €
  • Cab ride Pune-Mumbai (150 km) 2 500 Rs   30 €
  • Suit jacket 4 000 Rs   48 €
  • Brand shoes 4 000 Rs   48 €
  • Rucksack (Wildcraft) 5 000 Rs   60 €
  • Full suit 6 000 – 10 000 Rs   73 – 120 €
  • Custom tailored two-piece suit 16 000+ Rs   187+ €
  • Bike (Firefox) 20 000 Rs   242 €

Modom Box 1×1


What is this I don’t even…

So we’re still trying to get broadband to the towers. Having concluded that the 4g modem doesn’t get a signal strong enough to sustain a good connection, our remaining option is to get it via wire. This requires the permission from the housing society, but as we found out today they haven’t elected a chairman yet so there’s no-one that can give us permission to get the connection.

Meanwhile, lacking access to memes and funny animal videos, we amuse ourselves with reading the associated documentation, like the one above.

Also, I’m considering switching to “Thanking you anticipation of your permission for the same” as the sign off in my e-mails.

Warning About Razors


I found myself in need of a new razor and picked up this set of Super-Max Kwik3™ from the local general store. Just a razor with some spare cartridges – nothing special, right? Wrong.

At first try the blade felt dull. Like trying to shave with the edge of a credit card. So I took a closer look at the merchandise. The razor itself seemed ok, but the container for the cartridges was scratched, like it had been lying out on a sandy yard for the last year. I popped out one and made some interesting observations:

  • It was just as dull as the one attached to the razor.
  • The thing that was supposed to mimic the aloe vera strip found on better razors was in fact just a classy piece of white plastic.
  • There were small bits of hair on the blades. Not long strands, but short bits. Like you get from shaving. And they weren’t mine.

Might be that the whole set is second-hand, just rinsed a bit before repackaging. So, nope, I’m not using this. Nope nope nope. Just Gillette™ for me from here on. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go and dip my face in bleach.

Surprise Cake!


Sidd and the guys surprised me with a cake today, how nice isn’t that! And what a delicious cake it was!

I think it’s the first time I’ve had a cake with my name on it. And it’s spelled without error, which is another positive surprise for one who has seen most versions: Mayer, Mejor, Mayor, Major, Meter, Mezer, Meyr… 🙂

Thanks Sidd!