Monthly Archives: December 2013

Random Dance Rover

We had stopped at this viewpoint up in the hills of Kottayam. Just as we were heading out, a rover drove past us. It was like a clown car; I estimate there were nine guys in that vehicle. Despite it being crowded they seemed merry, though. The car stopped and out poured this jolly dance crew.

Channel Zapping

Munnar, being in the highland region of Kerala, is a beautiful place during daytime. Tea plantations, green hills and warmth. But after sundown it’s utterly dead. There aren’t any proper restaurants around and it’s cold as a witch’s tit anyway, so the best idea is to just make yourself comfortable in your hotel room, with a bottle of rum if you have one, and see what’s on the TV. So that’s what I did:

My Car Plays The Lambada – But Only While Reversing

Many of the vehicles here make a variety of sounds. Usually it’s honking, but there are others as well: some cars also make sounds while reversing, to let people know they indeed are.

In surprisingly many of these cars, the warning sound they play while backing up is… the Lambada. The 8-bit version of it, that is.

So I’m sitting here thinking: do the cars come by default with these tunes? Or does someone actually sit in their silently reversing car, pondering: “You know what would be totally sweet? If my car would play the Lambada while backing up. Yes.. hell yes, it would. I think I’ll have that installed first thing tomorrow morning.”

It’s actually quite amusing, if not ludicrous. Maybe not a bad thing at all.

Artificial Cooling


It might be long overdue, but better late than never! We finally got a refrigerator, which I straightaway loaded up with water and other necessary supplies. Nice!

I’m sure this is a first step on a path towards assembling a proper gourmet kitchen. Maybe then I can finally start learning the secrets of cooking local cuisine.

Paper Masala Dosa


This here is a Paper Masala Dosa, or as I prefer to call it, The Bread Bazooka. It is one of the bigger dosas, and looks more intimidating than it is: the bread forming the tube is quite thin and brittle. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to eat. But it’s not something that feeds the whole household. Or, well, unless you’re a bachelor like me.

So what you do, once you are done admiring this monstrous crepe sitting in front of you, is you squish it and then fold it over itself a couple of times, so it will actually fit on the plate. Then you start tearing off bits that you dip in the bowl of stuff that you feel is the most palate-friendly buddy to go along with that thin crispy chow.