A Taste Of Bureaucracy

Now that I had gathered all necessary paperwork and had a brand spanking new passport it was time to dive into the much feared visa application process.

I call it a process because I’m guessing one round of bureaucracy is enough.

First thing the Finnish lady at the embassy desk, marked “Passports and visas”, says is she doesn’t handle visas. She tries to get her Indian colleague to help out but turns out he doesn’t either. Reluctantly she starts going through the papers I offer her.

She waded through the pile with a furled brow, and even though I followed the checklist I got in advance, she still was sure that there was something missing. She just didn’t know what.

But they’d think about it and let me know once they figured out what it was. We usually come up with something, she said.

She also made sure to mention, twice, that she felt my name is unusual, and that it might raise questions. Exactly why remains unsure. I did check the “Not related to Pakistani”-checkbox in the online form, both for myself, my parents and my grandparents – yes, they are thorough in their questions.

I was told to call them in one week if I don’t hear back. A couple of weeks to go so no sweat about this, yet.