Biking To Pashan


Sajjad and I decided to go out and do some exploring. It was a, not surprisingly, hot and sunny day here in Pune. So along in the backpack came, besides the usual compulsory camera gear, lots of water.

We took our brand new bikes and pedaled out to the bio-diversity park; a ridge located to the south of here, with a path through it that ends at a temple overlooking the East part of Baner. We didn’t go all the way to the temple, but we did take in a lot of scenery.

Lost White Guy

After that we headed South, aiming for the lake in Pashan. We didn’t find a usable route to the lake, despite consulting Google Maps a lot, but the place had other scenery to offer; a lot of small sand roads and low buildings that gave an almost rural vibe. In many places beautiful, with lots of nature. Definitely worth another visit.