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Photoshoot Fun


Today we had some proper photoshoots. The need for new photo material came up when we were putting together a snazzy showcase of the things we do here in India – and being an avid photographer I was more than eager to play around with some good lighting equipment. A few phonecalls and we had the address of a shop that rents out all kinds of awesome gadgets for photo and video use. A drive to Koreagon Park later we had the trunk in Sidd’s car loaded with goodies.

For lighting we used two Elinchrom 400 FXR studio lights, equipped with softboxes for smooth shadows. They were a lot of fun to set up and worked hassle-free, came with a hotshoe remote trigger too. Photos were taken with my own Canon 5D mk3, with 24-105 and 70-200 lenses. You’ll find more of the photos in our showcase presentation, soon.

Here’s a making-of video that Bhushan shot:

Fun times! Maybe we should get some of that equipment to the new office and add photography to our service offering?

Photo: Nanda


Meet Nanda, a sweet old lady living in the Hadapsar suburb of Pune. I had the pleasure of visiting her during the recent Gujarati Diwali festival.

As a young girl Nanda used to sell flowers down on Juhu Beach in Mumbai. There she met her husband and got married at 13. They’ve been together ever since.

At some point after the wedding they moved out to Pune, where they have been living in the same steel plate shack for the last 30 years.

She has given birth to three sons, of which the eldest died some time ago.

Photo: Looming Expansion

Looming Progress

On Monday evening we were biking around on errands, one of which was to check if the laundry guys’ were done with our stuff. It was a pickup and delivery service, that’s why we didn’t know where they were exactly. But we were in their neighbourhood and figured we’d pay them a visit, just to see if we could save them the trouble of delivering to us at the towers.

Looking for the place and turning off the main road, I followed a bumpy path to the setting pictured above. A scene of stark contrast; a plate shack sitting in the shadow of a construction crane, resting ominously overhead, reaching far and emitting cold blue light.

On the ground in front of the shack, a small fire was burning. The tangy scent told me it was mostly plastic. An old lady stood by it, observed me through the smoke, as I observed her.

The light was simply enchanting so I had to dig out my camera and take a few shots. I prefer that people form their own opinions about my photos, without me possibly influencing those impressions, but I’d still like to air a few thoughts about this one:

  • Color temperature contrast: cold blue light versus the warm yellow one.
  • Overall juxtapose; the synthetic construction crane and building foundations are drawing closer the more organic life below.
  • The similarities between the  street light and the crane light, how they line up and both pose above the man, but at different levels.
  • Midground transition, from trees to straight foundation pillars – almost like trees who have lost their foliage.