Locked Out


So something unfortunate happened yesterday evening: as we – Bhushan and I – were heading out to the local store I, thinking Sajjad was chilling in his room, managed to lock us out from our apartment. We had no keys from the landlord yet so we had no way of opening the automatic lock that snapped shut.

When I heard that just a moment earlier Sajjad had also left to the store I had a ‘whoops’ moment. Apparently the landlord lived quite a way from us, near downtown, and bothering him at ten in the evening when many are going to sleep was not an enticing idea.

But we had to do something. So Bhushan whips out his plastic bus pass and tries to push the lock open, but to no avail. With no other options, Bhushan calls the landlord while I call Sajjad and inform him that there is no need to hurry back from the store; we won’t be getting inside any moment soon.

At first we were supposed to take a auto rickshaw downtown to the landlord’s place, but after a moment he called back and said he’ll be taking his car and come to us instead. Which was super nice. So we sat up on the wall outside our block and waited, cheerfully chatting and trying to downplay that the dumb white guy had messed up. That was when Bhushan snapped the picture above.

A moment later the landlord arrived, not at all pissed about the situation I caused. He wouldn’t even accept the tip I offered for his troubles. Amazing, frankly. In Finland you pay up to 100 e for having someone come over and open your door, regardless of time of day. This guy was doing it out of sheer kindness.