Note To Aspiring Bankrobbers

Lunch Hour

Sajjad had some business to conduct at the bank next to Good Luck Café, so we went there this afternoon. During my visit two things struck me that aspiring bankrobbers should be aware of:

  1. Don’t bother coming during lunch hour because no one will be there to hand over the money.
  2. The guards carry serious firepower in the form of double-barreled shotguns.

We had to wait for a while before the ladies came back from lunch. Then, because here superfluous paperwork is a big hit, Sajjad had to produce an additional hand-written request for getting a bank statement. When, a long while later, everything had been processed and stamped, we ran into some trouble: they wanted to charge 40 Rs per printed sheet. We had no idea how many sheets there was going to be. So after some more thinking they decided to print the report on a printer that is located outside the office. This way the costs would be minimized, which is nice.

However, this also meant that Sajjad would have to come back the following day. Thank you, come again.