Obese Bike Gang

After a long day of getting miscellaneous errands done (Sajjads bank gig and my problems with the officials) we went bike shopping with Sajjad and he found one to his liking. Happily we returned some stuff to the apartment before heading out on a cruise in the Pune evening. I had forgotten how great it is to get around on a bike, especially when scouting new areas.

So we pedaled around some before heading to Nukkad. To our hungry delight we noticed that their evening special was a Unlimited Dinner, in other words an all you can eat three-meal set that ends when you say: enough! We have both displayed good appetite so this was a challenge we took with pleasure, and started with having two sets of appetizers.

The place and service was very nice, we sat there for a long time and talked while over-eating. After the last scoops of ice cream dessert we stumbled out to our bikes and went back to the towers via a couple of spontaneous places: among them some kind of religious festival with lots of music and dancing. Sajjad said something about the night when god can go to sleep because man will watch over him, but the food that was up to my ears was affecting my hearing.

The workout offered by taking bike for a spin felt good; I tried wheelies, jumps, maxing the speed and all the other stuff that 32 year olds do. Good fun!

Oh, and we spotted a cow with five legs. Cool or creepy, you be the judge of that.