Off-Site Day


Today we had our off-site day with the work crew. Sidd had planned some sightseeing in nearby Lonavala, a hillstation turned weekend vacation spot.

Our first destination was Tiger Point, a cliff-top up at 650 meters. The view was quite nice, and as you’ll notice in the selfie video below, it was quite windy out there.


After that we headed down to the Bushi dam. Instead of pointing my camera at the dam – it looked pretty much like a regular dam – I decided to steal a few snapshots of the jolly teenagers playing around by the lakeshore:


We also visited a wax museum, a not too big establishment filled with wax versions of famous Indian people past and present. Most of them I didn’t recognise, but this one was an exception:


The day ended with early dinner at the Upper Deck restaurant, featuring a nice panorama of the surrounding valleys:


Not a bad day. Not a bad day at all!