One Hazelnut Latte For Mahesh


After dropping off the equipment from our photoshoot, Sidd and me stopped by the Starbucks in Koreagon Park. Feeling like getting some change from the usual m-a-r, k-u-s spelling routine I decided to use the Indian name given to me by my local colleagues: Mahesh.

As the guy behind the counter started marking the cup and I gave my name, he didn’t skip a beat even though I’m without a doubt no Mahesh. We sat down and waited, and soon enough they yelled out: one tall hazelnut latte for Mahesh!

Guess I’m starting to blend in.

Mahesh is a very common name in India, which became apparent five minutes later as another completed order for a Mahesh was announced. I scanned for someone with equally non-blending complexion as mine, but this one was a bonafide local.