Photo: Looming Expansion

Looming Progress

On Monday evening we were biking around on errands, one of which was to check if the laundry guys’ were done with our stuff. It was a pickup and delivery service, that’s why we didn’t know where they were exactly. But we were in their neighbourhood and figured we’d pay them a visit, just to see if we could save them the trouble of delivering to us at the towers.

Looking for the place and turning off the main road, I followed a bumpy path to the setting pictured above. A scene of stark contrast; a plate shack sitting in the shadow of a construction crane, resting ominously overhead, reaching far and emitting cold blue light.

On the ground in front of the shack, a small fire was burning. The tangy scent told me it was mostly plastic. An old lady stood by it, observed me through the smoke, as I observed her.

The light was simply enchanting so I had to dig out my camera and take a few shots. I prefer that people form their own opinions about my photos, without me possibly influencing those impressions, but I’d still like to air a few thoughts about this one:

  • Color temperature contrast: cold blue light versus the warm yellow one.
  • Overall juxtapose; the synthetic construction crane and building foundations are drawing closer the more organic life below.
  • The similarities between the ┬ástreet light and the crane light, how they line up and both pose above the man, but at different levels.
  • Midground transition, from trees to straight foundation pillars – almost like trees who have lost their foliage.