Six months isn’t such a long time, but I still want to wrap things up nice and clean before leaving.

My dog, Cosmo, needs to go somewhere. That’s already agreed upon; my parents will take care of him. Considering they have a large backyard out there in the countryside and the low threshold for handing out treats I think he’ll enjoy his stay quite a lot. We’ll see when I return if he even wants to come back home.

Two big things I need to take care of: renting the apartment and getting rid of the car. The apartment shouldn’t cause any problems, even though the time period is restricted and that I intend to rent it furnished. Just need to clean up the place first, take some proper photos and start scribbling on the ad.

Having a car is something I’ve thought about a lot during the last year or so. There are times when I appreciate the freedom it offers, but most of the time it just stands unused in the garage. Owning a car is no investment, I’m paying a small fortune in insurance costs, taxes, gas and for service & maintenance. Besides, public transit works quite well in Helsinki which is why I use it a lot.┬áSo what I think I’ll do is sell the car. Not just because of this trip, but also as a lifestyle choice. In the situations where I absolutely need a personal method of transportation I’ll hire one. Also, when I get back I’ll buy a good bicycle.

Other than that there are the regular preparations: vaccines, visa, travel insurance, accessories and what-not. Small stuff, no problemo.