Red Curry and Slim Shady


Most of the restaurants here play local music. Or have the TV showing Bollywood-movies on full volume – the foley sounds in fight scenes are awesome, by the way. The occasional restaurant has a more vanilla ambience, like Enya or pan flute music.

But not Zikomo; imagine a nightclub in Estonia, on a Saturday evening in ’97, blasting the most dreadful techno. It’s like the same song for hours on end.

That is what Zikomo is playing during lunch. And many of the songs are on repeat as well. You think *phew* good thing that song ended and whoop, there it starts again.

The place is usually quite empty, more often than not we’re the only guys there. So you’re sitting there, alone, eating food to 180 BPM. It’s a bit distressing and out of place.

Today was an exception. As I sat down the place was peculiarly silent. I ordered the veg red curry – it’s delicious by the way, highly recommended – and glance at my phone while waiting for the order.

And suddenly they start playing Eminem. What? I was, again, the only guy there. Maybe they were trying to find something that appealed a bit more to my taste. And it did, it was refreshing even if a bit weird, and I actually had a hard time not to laugh at the whole situation.

I would have liked to pan a bit more, but two servers were droning about. You see, in many places here they like to put the food on your plate for you. And as you eat, they fill up accordingly. This means you are being observed most of the time that you’re there, and Zikomo was no exception.

Even if somewhat surreal it was a distinctly more pleasant food experience than with the techno.