So, How’s The Weather?

We’re in the middle of the Indian winter here, which means the typical day in Pune goes between quite hot and pleasantly cool: during the day the average temperature is about 26 degrees centigrade, peaking at a little over 30 early afternoon. We haven’t had rain in two months. And usually no clouds for that matter – this week we had a slight overcast one day, which is somewhat rare.

One might think the constant warmth and sunlight is a nice thing, especially when considering how it is around this time of the year back in Finland, but it can get boring and has its downsides as well: the constant heat and lack of rain, combined with a few gusts of wind and the exhaust of mostly catalysator-free vehicles, creates a lot of dirt-ridden air. You can leave the apartment feeling fresh and nice but within 15 minutes you’ll have a feeling of being covered in a thin but tangible film of dirt.

But still, yes, other than that it’s an agreeable climate we have here.

The sun emerges over the hills at 7:30 and goes down at about 17:30. By then the temperature will have dropped to a pleasant twenty-something, and by midnight it’s around 16 degrees. Still t-shirt friendly, but if you’re going to ride a long way in an open rickshaw you might want to put a scarf or a light sweater on.