Photo: The Bhasta Gang


During my trip to Mumbai, last weekend, I did some more walking around on the countless small streets near the bazaars – something I’ve grown fond of. This time I headed to the area north of Victoria station. On one of these streets I came across this small gang of some level of thugs. The Bhasta Gang they called themselves. According to themselves they operated within the recreational field. I interpreted that as drugs, but didn’t go into specifics.

After chatting a bit I asked if they’d be willing to do a group photo. Yeah, the guy in the checkered shirt exclaimed. The rest of them seemed quite preoccupied with whatever they were doing – especially the guy reading the paper, he was so cool it gave me the creeps.

I’ve heard that, unsurprisingly, Mumbai is filled with these kind of small gangs. They often have small turf wars, occasionally escalating to gunfights in broad daylight. These were perhaps not that hardcore, but an interesting bunch to meet nevertheless.

I showed them the photo, thanked them for their time and continued on down the narrow streets.