The Old Monk Cleanses


The evenings have become slightly cooler here in Pune – at nights the temperature can even drop below 20 degrees centigrade! The irony is that, apparently even here in India there is no escaping the autumn flu, which has become a forced tradition for many in Finland. I don’t know if it’s from the cooler weathers, boosted AC’s or even a case of mild mosquito-transferred dengue, but the last two days I’ve been sneezing and snuffling like nobody’s business.

So I figured it was time for some medication. Enter Old Monk, a nationally well known dark rum. As a big fan of rum this was one cough medicine I was looking forward to downing.

The taste is quite pleasant, round but with a tiny sharp point at the end, followed by a twist of raisins. Good straight and as a mixer. In the Alko shop I’d place this on the shelf at chest height: it’s no Ron Matusalem but no Captain Morgan either.

Dawn comes and I can breathe again. Gone is the green goo, my voice only a bit hoarse now – might be remnants of the cold or from, you know, drinking lots of rum. But it worked like a charm, a quite effective treatment by the good Old Monk!