Another year has gone by. Today, on the annual day served to remind me that life is a finite progression, is a good time to reflect. To glance back and see if the dust has settled enough for me to see where I’m coming from. And to check my headings.

The milestone marked ’33’ doesn’t feel like a major one. Not as significant as 25, or as foreboding as 30, but nevertheless it is a milestone. The past year has, like most, had its ups and downs. At times I’ve been floating around in a gravityless void. At other times I’ve felt grounded and poised.

But we learn, find our way. I wouldn’t say I have a stronger sense of direction now than I had before, but something is different. An inner drive, an outbound motion, stronger than it has been in years.

And as a result of that, one year later, I find myself in a peculiar land 6000 km away. Far from friends and family, but experiencing a myriad of new things  and making new friends. One more step on that road, between those milestones – and a riveting one at that.

So here’s to you friends, near and far, and to keeping life interesting. One year at a time.